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Client Testimonials

"I am so blessed to have found you and your healing hands. Thanks for all the miracles you have performed on this body."−C.W., Lomita, hit by car in 2001, broken pelvis, facial bones, and internal organ damage


"I always feel so much lighter & a higher energy level the next day after you work with me. My ability to heal is so much stronger. Thank you so much!"−J.K., Marina Del Rey

"People have stress that often manifests as pain in different parts of the body. My stress pain always manifested in my left groin -- for 8+ years since a traumatic event happened in my life. Every time I felt stress, the pain would appear in my left groin. Since working with Karen, I suddenly realized one day that the pain in that area is gone! Stress doesn't manifest as chronic pain in that area anymore, which is incredible and miraculous! Thank you so very much for this seemingly subtle yet deeply powerful and profound work, Karen. It's truly extraordinary!" −M.M., Venice


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